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Point-of-care and essential healthcare testing

Point-of-care testing sees an increasing demand

Whether for diagnosis, screening or follow-up, when rapid laboratory results are required, more and more healthcare providers are choosing point-of-care (POC) systems. Professional point-of-care testing (POCT) is a collective term for the performance of patient-oriented tests in primary healthcare settings and hospitals. Moreover, point-of-care solutions are used in sports medicine examinations, in pharmacies, and even on cruise ships.

As a leading diagnostics company, we know how high-quality laboratory testing can be performed, even when it takes place close to the patient. With this in mind, we support users and laboratories in establishing individual solutions for every area of application.

The products in our POCT portfolio can be used flexibly, whether on the hospital emergency ward, in a group practice, by a specialist or general practitioner.

Our essential healthcare portfolio is growing

With essential healthcare, we provide diagnostic solutions relevant to international organisations to improve access to diagnostics including a basic testing environment in areas with a developing healthcare infrastructure.

Up to now we have focussed our activities on the monitoring of CD4 immune status, the diagnosis of malaria, and the screening for sickle cell disease. Being a global health player who keeps extending its organisational capabilities, we will expand this offering with newly developed solutions that are in the pipeline right now.

Sysmex as your partner

Sysmex is your partner for tailoring diagnostic solutions to your needs. From this page, you can already obtain an overview of our current POCT portfolio and explore the individual products. To find a suitable answer for your individual near-patient testing (NPT) situation, your local affiliate will gladly provide you the necessary expertise.

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